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You set out to become an art educator to teach and support a new generation of artists. Here at Boston University, we’re committed to assisting you in your efforts, so we’ve designed an inspiring and immersive online learning environment for passionate 21st-century art educators like you. Choose BU for your Master of Arts in Art Education degree and bolster your confidence as an art educator, become part of a worldwide creative community, and contribute to contemporary scholarship in the field of art education.

What’s Unique about BU’s Master of Arts in Art Education Online Program?
Offered by BU’s renowned College of Fine Arts, the Master of Arts in Art Education online program can be customized to meet your personal and professional aspirations. We realize that your master’s degree focus can help shape your career, and we’re proud to offer the unique opportunity to select electives according to your chosen focus: Artist-Teacher or Arts Education Leader. Regardless of which focus you choose, BU’s MAAE is designed to provide an artistic and academic experience unlike any other. The creative model for our program aims to revitalize your creative connection to art while also teaching you new strategies that can transform your classroom and community.

Graduate Art Education Courses
Our coursework blazes new paths in its inspiration of new ideas and exploration of new concepts, which can be applied to such areas as art for special populations, child development, creative leadership, curriculum planning, and more. The optional one-week summer studio session in Boston and six-week session abroad in Venice provide additional opportunities to spend intensive studio time on your art. It’s important to us that the artist not be overlooked in our focus on the art teacher; in fact, a significant goal of the Master of Arts in Art Education online program is to reconnect you with the artist within.

Why Choose BU?

  • BU grads rank 7th in the U.S. and 17th in the world for employability of its graduates
  • BU places 41st in the U.S. News & World Report rankings of national universities and 54th in the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education
  • BU is regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, (NEASC, Inc.)

What Makes a BU Master of Arts in Art Education Right for You?

  • Customize your elective course work and choose either the Artist-Teacher focus or the Arts Education Leader focus
  • Advance quickly through an accelerated curriculum with competitive tuition
  • Further your knowledge on a schedule that fits your busy lifestyle
  • Develop your career by pursuing higher education from a respected national program with an accomplished faculty
  • Add value to your students’ art education by offering greater knowledge of skills and techniques
  • Become part of a close-knit community of art teachers who share the same goals for the future of art education
  • Learn to advocate for the value of art in the community where you live and work
  • Access Boston University’s extensive, world-class resources
  • Learn from esteemed faculty who are talented artists and teachers in their own right
  • Enjoy 30 hours of summer studio instruction from professional BU instructors or choose to take the entire program online
  • Apply without a GRE requirement

The Real Value of a Master of Arts in Art Education Degree
Great art educators open minds—starting with their own. You already believe that art plays a valuable role in the fabric of our culture, and you view shaping the lives of others through art as both a serious responsibility and a priceless opportunity. Learn how you can further enrich your own life, as well as the lives of those you teach, with a Master of Arts in Art Education online degree from Boston University.

Who Should Choose the BU Master of Arts in Art Education Online Program?

  • Arts Education Leaders
  • Artist Teachers
  • Citizen Artists

Learn the Art of Leadership

Your creativity and commitment can add a new dimension to educational leadership. The best leaders are creative problem solvers, and that’s why we’re excited to announce a new Arts Education Leadership Focus to the Master of Arts in Art Education online curriculum. Learn how to take a leading role and advocate for the arts both within your school’s walls and in your community. Discover how your gift for managing a classroom and developing innovative learning strategies is of great value in building a community grounded in the arts.

Through the Arts Education Leadership Focus, you can:

  • Learn what it truly means to be an arts education leader, both in theory and in practice
  • Become well versed with leadership roles in arts education: directing policy and advocacy, managing personnel issues, supervising the distribution of funds, and other administrative responsibilities
  • Gain practical exposure and observe new perspectives by collaborating with peers and faculty from both art education and music education backgrounds

Why choose the Arts Education Leadership Focus?
A student who graduates with this focus is prepared to assume an administrative role as a curriculum designer, fine arts program director, or professional development organizer. This focus also prepares students to become advocates for their institution and for the value of arts education in their communities. BU’s Arts Education Leadership Focus is delivered fully online; the weeklong studio-based residency is not required.

Created for Artist Teachers
The MAAE at Boston University was originally created around the Artist Teacher Focus because we believe great art teachers are informed and inspired in their teaching through a strong personal relationship with art. BU’s Master of Arts in Art Education online program was developed for the continuing growth of Artist Teachers who believe in the value of art education in our schools and society, and the role their own art-making can play in their work as an artist teacher. At BU, we feel the opportunity to create a portfolio and rejuvenate your creative spirit is as important as our academic coursework. Students choosing the Artist Teacher Focus will be required to attend a weeklong studio-based residency on the campus of Boston University.

Why choose BU’s Master of Arts in Art Education?
Our program offers you a choice to customize the program by selecting electives that best fit your educational and professional plans: Artist Teacher or Arts Education Leader. As an art educator, you constantly seek new methods to transfer your passion and love for the creative process to the students whose lives you touch. Choose BU and explore new educational techniques. Find new artistic inspiration. Encourage more students to begin a relationship with art.

Through the MAAE program, you can:

  • Gain new confidence in your teaching skills and practice your art
  • Learn how to plan a curriculum for inter-cultural education
  • Study the history of art in our schools
  • Collaborate with other art educators around the world
  • Contribute to the growth of the profession

The Role of Citizen Artists
Your talent as an artist is a gift to be both treasured and shared. At BU, we want our students to carefully consider how to live and work as an artist in today’s world. Are you advocating for young minds and teaching them how to develop a personal relationship with art? Are you involved in the community and helping to shape the culture? There are endless ways you can demonstrate the vital role that art plays in our world.

The challenging reality is that in many places, the battle over funding for arts education continues. That’s why leadership and advocacy skills are more important now than ever before to promote the cognitive, expressive, practical, and academic value of the arts. No matter where or how you choose to apply your artistic talents, your dedication will make a meaningful impact. Choose BU’s Master of Arts in Art Education Online Program and make a deeper exploration into what it means to be a citizen artist in the 21st century.

Careers & Alumni
Professional Art Education Career Opportunities
The arts are central to the human experience. Given its essential role, opportunities abound for self-directed and highly educated individuals who are interested in fashioning their career path to follow their passion. BU graduates pursue opportunities in the classroom and beyond to include: art instruction, museum education, community-based arts administration, art curriculum design, and more.

** Attention Arkansas Residents, please note: Enrollment in the MA in Art Education program offered by Boston University does not lead to public school (P-12) teacher licensure or a subject field endorsement (for public P-12 schools) in Arkansas.

Meet the Masters of Art Education – Student Testimonials

"This program has enhanced my ability to be a better teacher. The courses provided are well-planned and supply content relevant to the modern art teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the courses, and the program has made a big difference in my future career as an educator. My students will benefit greatly from my experiences through Boston University." - Karen Vander Have, CFA'13, Wayne, NJ

This outstanding program provided me the opportunity to fine tune my approaches in the classroom as well as exposing me to excellent resources and philosophies that I could apply to my teaching immediately. I really appreciated the strong emphasis on the Artist-Teacher and the importance of nourishing both aspects of my identity." - Sherry El-Nashaar, CFA'13 Grand Rapids, MN